If you need help when using these pages we are available on Mon – Fri from 10:00 to 18:00 at the telephone number 00 3592 961 53 70 please contact us via [email protected] for any questions you might have. (Please note that we cannot accept bookings per email.)

TABLE OF CONTENTSSTEP 1 – CHOOSE EVENT AND PERFROMANCESTEP 2 – CHOOSE YOUR TICKETS (Best seat booking / seatmap booking)STEP 3 - SHOPPING CART STEP 4 – DELIVERY INFORMATIONSTEP 5 & 6 – PAYMENT INFORMATIONSTEP 7 - ORDERSUMMARYSTEP 8 – PURCHASE CONFIRMATIONTICKETSHOP HELP When you have decided to order click at the event of you choice on „Tickets“ we will then accompany you through the necessary steps of your order. Don’t worry – your order will only be processed when at the end of the ordering process you hit the „place order“ button. The total amount is only charged by us when we have sent you the tickets. STEP 2 – CHOOSE YOUR TICKETS Click on „Tickets“ next to the event of your choice. You can now choose the date and/or time of the performance. Click on „Ticket“ again at the appropriate date and /or time. In this step the different price categories including the description of the type of ticket/ standing room, seats etc. are shown. There are 2 possiblities of choosing your tickets that will be explained in detail in Step 2a and Step 2b: - Best seat booking (best seats of the chosen category) - Seatmap booking (choose your seat via interactive seatmap) ATTENTION: the chosen tickets chosen will be reserved for you for 20 minutes in the shopping cart after which the reservation is expired. You can only choose a maximum of 8 tickets per category, if you wish to order more then click on „Choose further tickets for this event“ above the contents of the shopping cart. STEP 2a – BEST SEAT BOOKING During an order the best seats ( next to each other ) are automatically booked for the category chosen. As an alternative, for some events, a seating plan booking is offered where you as customer can choose your seats with the interactive seating plan like at the cinema. ( see step 2b – Seating plan booking ). STEP 2b – SEATING PLAN BOOKING For some events you can choose your seats directly in the interactive seating plan. Click on the symbol to start the seating plan booking. ( Attention: If you use a pop-up blocker it must be deactivated. To be able to use the seating plan booking Java must be installed on your computer. You can download Java for free here: ) If you are using Chrome Version 42 or higher, an additional configuration step is required to continue using NPAPI plugins (such as for example Java): 1. In your URL bar, enter: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi 2. Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option. 3. Click the Relaunch button that now appears at the bottom of the configuration page. In the pop-up that opens you can see a seating plan. When you click on to the area of your choice you will be zoomed in. In the navigation window you can enlarge or reduce the scale and scroll the area chosen. By clicking the upper navigation field you will be returned to the main window. Now choose your seats by clicking on a coloured marked seat ( the price category is then explained in the caption to the right ). Here you can choose, if applicable, a discount ( attention: this is checked during admission ). Please note that when discounts are to be chosen only one type of discount can be chosen at one time. Choose for example seat Nr.2 at the normal price and afterwards seat Nr. 3 at the children’s price. Seats or discounts which were incorrectly chosen can be deleted immediately in the select window. To confirm your order click on the shopping cart symbol SHOPPING CART Like in a real supermarket you can collect different articles in your shopping cart before you go to the cash desk to pay for them all. Individual items can be removed from the shopping cart at any time. You can directly access the shopping cart from anywhere by clicking the shopping cart icon at the top of a page. In the status bar the number of tickets already reserved and the actual total amount are shown. Once you’re satisfied with the chosen items in shopping cart, please use button “proceed to checkout” to continue. STEP 4 – LOGIN / REGISTRATION You will now be asked to register with your email address. In case you already have an account please switch to “returning customer” and enter your previously chosen password*. Click on “Sign in & continue” to proceed to next step * In case you forgot your password please click on “password forgotten” link. Enter the email address you registered with and you will receive an email with further instructions to change your password. STEP 4 – DELIVERY INFORMATION Please choose your desired delivery type (postal delivery, pickup , ..) and add necessary date for fulfillment of tickets. Click on the button below to proceed. In case there is more than one delivery / pickup method for your chosen delivery type, those will be shown in step inbetween. Please choose your desired method and click on the button below, eg for Print@Home “I will print my tickets”. Please note that delivery methods may vary depending on selected performance and time until event. STEP 5 – PAYMENT INFORMATION On the right, your chosen delivery method is now displayed. In case you want to change it later on, just click on “change” link next to it. In the main window, you will now see possible payment methods. Please click on the desired method to get more information. In case you want to specify an invoice address (different from your delivery address – eg for company invoice) please click the checkmark, the invoice address can be specified in a next step. In order to confirm your choice click on the button at the bottom of the chosen payment method. STEP 6 – INVOICE ADDRESS (optional) In case you already specified any address (invoice or delivery address) those will be displayed for you to choose from. Click on the address to fill the fields below and confirm with the button below. In case you made up your mind and don’t want to specify invoice address you can click “skip this step” to proceed without it. STEP 7 – SUMMARY OF ORDER – CONFIRMATION Here appears again a summary of your complete order including delivery fees, your personal data and delivery address, method of delivery and method of payment. Please check these carefully. To now complete the order click on „place order“. With this step your order is binding and the amount will be booked from e.g. your credit card.“ STEP 8 – PURCHASE CONFIRMATION You now receive a message that your order was successfully completed. Within the next few minutes you will receive an e-mail a confirmation of your order with an order number. But you can print this immediately by clicking the printer symbol. In case you chose print@home (print your tickets), an additional button is displayed on this page, click on it and follow the instructions to print your tickets. For all other questions about your order please take a look at our FAQs.