Terms of use


These General Terms and Conditions for Ticket Purchase in an Electronic Way (hereinafter referred to as the "General Terms") apply to all agreements for ticket sales concluded electronically through the website www.eventim.bg, which is operated and maintained by Eventim.BG OOD.
Article 1. (1) The subject of ticket sales agreements concluded through the website www.eventim.bg are tickets for sports and entertainment events, conferences and other organized events (hereinafter referred to as "Events" or "Event").
(2) The website www.eventim.bg publishes basic information for each separately organized Event, containing the name of the Event Promoter, the performers, the date, time and venue of the Event, etc.
(3) The tickets sold are, by their nature, securities that entitle the person holding them to attend the relevant event.
Art.2. (1) The tickets are sold through the sales system of Eventim.BG OOD, a limited liability company, registered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency with UIC 131448006, with registered office and address of management, Sofia, 6- September 58, 1st floor (hereinafter referred to as EVENTIM).
(2) When selling tickets, EVENTIM acts on behalf of and on the account of the event organizer (see Part III below).
(3) The address of the place where EVENTIM conducts its business activity coincides with the management address indicated in the above para. 1. EVENTIM is a company incorporated under the Value Added Tax Act.
(4) The contact details of EVENTIM are as follows: website www.eventim.bg, e-mail address info@eventim.bg, telephone 02/961 53 70.
Art.3. (1) Entertainment events for which tickets are sold electronically through the website www.eventim.bg are organized by third parties other than EVENTIM. These third parties, hereinafter referred to as "the Promoters", have an obligation to ensure that ticket holders have access to the relevant event and are responsible for the timely conduct of the event and the promised quality of the entertainment service.
(2) The Promoters shall determine the venue and time of the event, the price of the tickets and all other characteristics and conditions under which the event will be held, including the conditions under which any changes will be made in the participants in the festivals, including headliners, price changes, as well as changes related to the date, time and venue of an event and how customers are notified of changes.
(3) If the Organizer fails to fulfill its obligations in connection with an event, including if the Organizer cancels the event, the latter shall be legally responsible to the persons who purchased the tickets for their compensation and for the refund of the amounts paid (see Part IX. "Cancellation" at an event. Refund").
(4) The Event Promoter shall entrust EVENTIM with the distribution and sale of the tickets for the respective event, acting on behalf of and on the account of the respective Event Organizer when selling the EVENTIM tickets.
(5) Наименованието на Организатора на съответното събитие и седалището и адреса на управление на последния се публикуват на интернет страницата www.eventim.bg, в описанието на съответното събитие. Наименованието на Организатора е отпечатано на билета за събитието.
(5) The name of the Promoter of the respective event and the seat and management address of the latter shall be published on the website www.eventim.bg, in the description of the respective event. The name of the Promoter is printed on the ticket for the event.
Art.4. (1) By placing an order for a ticket through the website www.eventim.bg the client makes a statement on the conclusion of a contract for the purchase of a ticket electronically within the meaning of the Electronic Commerce Act. This statement binds the customer and the order cannot be refused or modified.
2) To purchase a ticket through the website www.eventim.bg, customers need to complete the following 8 steps:
Step 1 – Selection of an Event or Show
Step 2 - Ticket selection
Step 3 - Login / Registration
Step 4 - Fill in a shipping address, if different from your home address.
Steps 5 & 6 - Choose payment and delivery method
Step 7 - Review Request - Confirmation
Step 8 - Purchase
(2) Upon successful submission of the application, the client receives an email from EVENTIM confirming the receipt of the statement for the conclusion of the ticket purchase contract electronically.
(3) A detailed description of each of the steps under para. 2 customers can find on EVENTIM's website in the "HELP. PAYMENT METHODS" section.
(4) The ordered tickets can be paid by the client in the following ways:
1. Bank Transfer - Upon completion of the purchase, the customer receives an email from EVENTIM with details of EVENTIM's bank account details. The due amount must be transferred to the provided bank account within 5 working days, with the order number obligatory in the payment basis;
2. Payment by cash on delivery - the due amount shall be paid up-front to the courier upon delivery of the tickets to the address specified by the client;
3. Payment will be made by CTS Eventim AG, Contrescarpe 75a, 28195 Bremen / Germany. Card debits are made in euro and there may be a difference in payment due to differences in exchange rates. IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS: When paying with a credit or debit card, the ticket must be received in person by the cardholder who made the payment. Otherwise, EVENTIM may request additional documents and cancel the contract if these documents are not provided.
(5) When a ticket is ordered by the client, EVENTIM reserves the seats selected for the client.
(6) In case the ticket price is not paid into the bank account of EVENTIM within 5 working days from the date of the order, respectively - if the due payment method is not paid to the courier, the purchase of the ticket is automatically canceled and the obligation of EVENTIM to keep the seats selected for the customer and to deliver / hand the ordered tickets is suspended.
Art. 4a. (1) A voucher for a theater, concert, sports or cultural event can be purchased only through the EVENTIM website.

(2) The voucher can be exchanged for a selected event from eventim.bg within one calendar year from its purchase only through the EVENTIM website.

(3) An event voucher may be used in strict compliance with the following conditions:

∙ An equivalent voucher in BGN or change cannot be obtained for a purchased voucher, in case the value of the selected tickets is lower than that of the voucher.
∙ If the value of the tickets for a specific event exceeds the value of the purchased voucher, then no mixed payment can be made by additional payment by credit / debit card or in any other way. In this case, two or more vouchers can be used to pay for the same order.
∙ One voucher can be used to pay for various orders until its value is exhausted,
∙ The voucher is valid until the expiration of one year from the date of purchase.
∙ The voucher cannot be resold.
∙ In case of cancellation of the event for which the voucher has been redeemed, the customer is refunded the value of the ticket purchased through the voucher.
∙ Violation of these terms of use makes the voucher invalid.

Art. (1) The ordered tickets can be delivered to the address specified by the client or received on the spot at the EVENTIM central office under the conditions of para. 4 and 5 below.
(2) For the delivery of tickets EVENTIM uses the courier services of Speedy AD with the website http://www.speedy.bg/. Delivery is paid by the customer.
(3) The ordered tickets are delivered within the working week, from 9:00 to 18:00, within 5 working days from the date of the order, when the chosen payment methods are by cash or credit / debit card, respectively 5 working days, from the date on which the due payment was received to the account of EVENTIM - upon payment by bank transfer. In case of heavy workload of EVENTIM or of the supplier, the delivery time may be longer than the time limit under the previous sentence, up to a maximum of 15 working days. Non-business days and public holidays are not included in the deadlines. If the delivery is not completed within the stated deadlines, it is advisable that customers contact EVENTIM by telephone to check the status of the shipment. The check is made by the purchase number indicated in the email received on the confirmation of the successful purchase.
(4) Tickets, paid in advance by credit or debit card or by bank transfer, can also be obtained on the spot at the head office of EVENTIM with address Sofia, 58, 6 Septemvri Str., 1st Fl. Within the business hours from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday, if this method of payment was selected at the time of purchase.
(5) When using the service "Reception at the central office of EVENTIM", a fee of BGN 2 shall be automatically charged, which customers pay when purchasing tickets. This is a system charge for using the service itself. It guarantees the seats you have purchased from the day of purchase to the day of the concert.
(6) Upon receipt of the tickets, the cardholder who has paid the tickets, respectively the ordering party of the bank transfer, shall be obliged to prove his / her identity to the employees of EVENTIM by presenting an identity card.
(7) If the occurrence of an event is canceled or a substantial change occurs in the conditions of its holding, including, but not limited to, a change in the date, time, venue, composition of the performers or other change in the previously announced program, and in if EVENTIM has been expressly authorized by the event promoter to return the money to the users who have purchased tickets for it, EVENTIM will not refund the ticket delivery fee paid by customers.
Art.9. (1) Each visitor is obliged to keep his / her ticket until the event is over.
(2) Upon departure of the hall during an event, the return shall be made only against the disclosure of the ticket. Stolen, lost or damaged tickets are not refunded.
(3) When purchasing a ticket, the visitor is obliged to comply with the rules of the internal order established by the Promoter for the respective event. Violation of the Rules of the Interior and ticket abuse may be punished with a warning to leave the venue.
(4) EVENTIM warns that, in general, the promoter’s rules of procedure prohibit the use of recording equipment, cameras and video recorders during events.
Underage Event Visitors
Art. (1) On the grounds of Art. 8, para. 3, 4 and 7 of the Protection of the Child Act and in connection with the provisions of the Regulation on Special Protection of Children in Public Places, minors must be accompanied during an event by their parents, guardians or other adults caring for the child as follows:
1. persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied during events held after 20:00;
2. persons who have reached the age of 14 but who have not reached the age of 18 must be accompanied during events held after 22:00.
(2) When the companion of the minor is an adult other than their parent or guardian, the latter shall submit a statement of consent for the presence of the child during the event, issued in the name of the adult companion and containing notarized signatures of parents, respectively, of guardians.
(3) Customers should bear in mind that it is possible for some Event Promoters to place specific restrictions on the age of visitors allowed. Due to the content of a particular production, a legal act may prohibit the admission of persons under a certain age. When purchasing tickets for underage visitors, the client is obliged to check in advance with the respective Promoter whether the event is allowed for underage visitors.
Art. (1) According to Art. 57, item 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, the provisions of Art. 50-56 of the consumer's right of withdrawal from the “distance contract” within the 14-day reflection period shall not apply to the provision of leisure activities. In connection with this plea, customers are not entitled to refuse electronic tickets purchased for entertainment events.
Article 11. (1) In case of cancellation of an event, the Event Promoter shall be responsible for the refund of the amounts paid for the tickets and for the compensation of the persons who have suffered damage due to the cancellation of the event. The cancellation of the event is a failure of the Promoter to fulfill the obligation to provide the paid entertainment service.
(2) If an event organizer decides to postpone an event or to change a venue, the ticket shall, irrespective of the reasons for the postponement or change, apply for the new date or the new event venue. It is up to the event organizer to decide whether tickets can be returned, reimbursed or exchanged.
(3) The name of the Promoter of the respective event and the seat and management address of the latter shall be published on the website www.eventim.bg, in the description of the respective event. The name of the Promoter is printed on the ticket for the event.
(4) When selling tickets, EVENTIM acts on behalf of and on the account of the respective Event Promoter. EVENTIM has no obligations regarding the organization of the events and their timely occurrence and is not responsible for the quality of the entertainment service provided.
(5) The price of the tickets purchased shall be reimbursed by EVENTIM only when the Organizer has instructed EVENTIM to make such reimbursement on behalf and at the expense of the Organizer itself and under the terms and conditions determined by the Organizer.
(6) In case the Promoter has assigned to EVENTIM the refund on behalf of the Promoter of the paid ticket price, the reimbursement shall be made in accordance with the procedure and within the time limits specified by the Promoter and announced on the EVENTIM website. In these cases, the customers are refunded the amount printed on the front of the ticket, the refund being done in the following ways:
1. Tickets purchased at the EVENTIM box office are returned to the place where they were purchased;
2. Tickets purchased through the website www.eventim.bg can be returned locally at the EVENTIM headquarters or remotely by sending the ticket by courier to the EVENTIM management address, in which case the customer must provide EVENTIM with a bank account to which the ticket price will be transferred.
(7) In the event of refusal by the Promoter to refund the amounts paid for the tickets, the clients may submit their requests for reimbursement of the paid price directly to the Promoter at their management address specified in the event description, or to file a complaint against the Promoter with the competent public authorities.
Art. 12 By accepting these Terms and Conditions, customers agree to be recorded on television during the event by all technical means and the records made to be used in free of charge, without limitation of time and place.
Article 13. (1) EVENTIM, having been registered as a personal data controller within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act and in fulfillment of its legal obligations, shall take the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss from unlawful access, modification or distribution, as well as from other illegal forms of processing.
(2) By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the customers express their consent to EVENTIM to collect, process and store the personal data provided by them and to use it for the purposes of fulfilling the Ticket Purchase Agreements.
Art. 14. Consumers have access to out-of-court dispute resolution procedures with the assistance of alternative dispute resolution bodies. The Conciliation Committees are responsible for disputes over purchased tickets online. (2) To facilitate access to alternative dispute resolution online, a link to the EU online dispute resolution platform / entitled "Online dispute resolution" / has been published on www.eventim.bg /.
Art. (15) EVENTIM is not responsible for the validity and authenticity of tickets purchased on-site, other than the EVENTIM website and ticket offices and affiliate ticket offices in the EVENTIM network. In this regard, EVENTIM advises its customers to buy their tickets only from the authorized ticket offices or through the website www.eventim.bg. Customers cannot be charged a higher price than the amount indicated on the front side of the ticket under no circumstances.
(2) EVENTIM warns that there is a danger of hearing or other health damage due to the volume of the concerts.
EVENTIM Wishes You An Enjoyable Experience!

Last update: 8 April 2020